Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018

  • Planting of Jaboticaba Trees for Landscape Repair of Degraded Area

    Marcia Regina Risso Gobato, Ricardo Gobato, Alireza Heidari

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018
    Pages: 1-9
    Received: 22 September 2017
    Accepted: 11 November 2017
    Published: 18 January 2018
    Abstract: The Jaboticaba, (Myrciaria cauliflora, Berg), known as black pearl fruit and grape of the trees in China. Native to South America, mainly in south-central Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Also grown in South Florida (U.S.), Caribbean, Venezuela, Peru and China (Mainland). The fruit stands out in the popular preference due to the sweetness of the fru... Show More
  • Highlands Vulnerability to Cattle Rearing in Momo Division, North West Cameroon

    Tassah Ivo Tawe

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018
    Pages: 10-15
    Received: 20 March 2018
    Accepted: 15 April 2018
    Published: 18 May 2018
    Abstract: Highlands constitute high energy environments that accommodate wealth of ecological resources for the benefit of mankind. In exploiting these resources for economic fortunes, man has placed himself superior by employing unsustainable practices with the notion that these ecological reservoirs would continue to provide more and more resources unabate... Show More
  • Reviewing Establishment of Legal System for Geoparks in China

    Kun Xiao, Ullah Wahid, Nupur Momotaz, Takaaki Nihei

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018
    Pages: 16-22
    Received: 5 April 2018
    Accepted: 2 May 2018
    Published: 22 May 2018
    Abstract: This article is analyzing the current legal issue concerning Geoparks in China and its potential future development. The purpose of this research is to clarify the background of the establishment of Geoparks in China considering its outcome and problems associated with it. For this purpose, a comprehensive literature study was performed to understa... Show More