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Research on the Application of BIM Technology in Prefabricated Building Design

With the continuous development of building informatization and industrialization, building information model (BIM) technology is more and more widely used in architectural design. Meanwhile prefabricated buildings are also be widely promoted and applied in cities and towns across the country. This paper takes BIM technology and prefabricated buildings as the research objects and introduces the concept and characteristics of BIM. In brief BIM is based on all the information of buildings. It has characteristics of visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization, plotting, integration, parameterization and completeness of information. In addition, the paper studies the application of BIM technology in prefabricated building design through a practical project case--a teacher apartment of Changsha Vocational and Technical College. The application of BIM technology starts from the design stage, containing four aspects: Collaborative Design,. Visual Design, Component Standardized Design and Green Building Design. Compared with traditional architectural design methods, the advantages of BIM based prefabricated building design are discussed, such as saving the time of design and construction phase, reducing the cost of building projects, improving architecture design process, enhancing the effectiveness of comprehensive design. The paper also provides a reference for architectural designers and engineering technicians using BIM tools in the fields of prefabricated building design and research.

BIM Technology, Prefabricated Construction, Architecture Design

Jin Yan, Wenji Liu. (2023). Research on the Application of BIM Technology in Prefabricated Building Design. Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, 8(2), 39-43.

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