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Cultural Heritage Integrated Into the Landscape: Inheritance and Activation of Xuan Paper Culture

The traditional handicrafts of making Xuan paper are included in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It is a historical relic and summarization of human production and life experiences, and an important carrier of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and civilization. Taking the planning of Xuan paper Town in Anhui as an example, this paper proposes a mode of inheriting and activating cultural heritage in the form of landscape planning and design led by landscape architects. In terms of industrial upgrading, the planning focuses on the extension and transformation of Xuan paper crafts to calligraphy and painting arts, traditional Chinese culture, and town life; in the spatial layout, taking the famous landscape painting "Traveling in Streams and Mountains" as a clue, it utilizes the existing streams, ravines, pools and valleys on site to arrange major functional zones. The travel experience of visitors in Xuan paper Town is just like an excursion in a landscape painting, allowing them to physically experience the ingenious brushwork and vibrant charm of traditional landscape paintings. The beautiful environment creation and reasonable spatial layout attract calligraphy and painting artists and cultural creative professionals to live and work here, which further draws tourists for sightseeing and travel. In this way, the intangible cultural heritage of Xuan paper production is revitalized into a scenic town with a thriving industry.

Cultural Heritage, Landscape, Architecture, Characteristic, Town

APA Style

Shen Shixian, Yuan Liujun, He Yang. (2023). Cultural Heritage Integrated Into the Landscape: Inheritance and Activation of Xuan Paper Culture. Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, 8(3), 44-53.

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Shen Shixian; Yuan Liujun; He Yang. Cultural Heritage Integrated Into the Landscape: Inheritance and Activation of Xuan Paper Culture. Landsc. Archit. Reg. Plan. 2023, 8(3), 44-53. doi: 10.11648/j.larp.20230803.11

AMA Style

Shen Shixian, Yuan Liujun, He Yang. Cultural Heritage Integrated Into the Landscape: Inheritance and Activation of Xuan Paper Culture. Landsc Archit Reg Plan. 2023;8(3):44-53. doi: 10.11648/j.larp.20230803.11

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